"I have been taking yoga classes on and off for more than 10 years . The last year and a half I have been doing yoga with Sean at least twice a week and it has enriched my life so much. Sean has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. Because of Sean, yoga has become an integral part of my life, something that I will always have. He is an excellent teacher with vast knowledge of the practice and deep compassion. I am truly blessed to have Sean as my yoga teacher. He is a bright light with a very generous Spirit. Namaste"

-Reneé Paladino

"I had been practicing yoga on and off for three years, but it wasn't until I started attending classes at North Star Power Yoga, that I began to reach my full potential. Sean pushes his students to not only to deepen their practice, but to take it to the next level. His classes offer the perfect combination of a complete workout and a deep transformative practice. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to simultaneously understand their inner self and their body's potential."

– Shailoh Adrehold

"I started with one class and very quickly added another and one more. I began to see yoga as a passion. Something that could both heal and improve both my body and my mind ! I have always had anxiety issues. My doctors have recommended exercise to reduce stress. I feel much better mentally and physically. I love that Sean consistently links breathing and movement to the world around me. He has taught me to use this in life outside of yoga practice. He has brought this wonderful practice of yoga into my world and not just when we are practicing."

– Marianne Olga

"I have been Sean’s student for a little over 2 months. He was highly recommended to me by another Yoga teacher who I sought out but she had moved out of state. From the very first lesson I had with Sean I absolutely fell in love with yoga. Sean is so amazing he made me feel so at ease and made the moves very easy to understand and I was able to do them. I was afraid that because of my age, I’m 57, I would have difficulty with the moves but with Sean as my guide I feel that I am growing both physically and mentally and can do so much more than I ever imagined possible. The feeling I get after the session is so amazing and I feel so at peace. I am truly blessed to have Sean as my teacher and I look forward to my yoga sessions with him."

– Debbie Hoffman