Summer Yoga Immersion


Have you been going to yoga classes for a while and wonder about the deeper aspects of the practice?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the many facets of yoga but couldn’t make it to a 200 hour teacher training, yoga retreat or immersion? 

Starting Thursday, August 15 to Tuesday, August 20 Northstar Yoga will be holding immersions for Yoga practitioners as well as aspiring teacher trainees. 

If you feel good after an hour of yoga just imagine how good you will feel after eight hours of physical, mental, emotional and social practice and play! 

The immersion includes physical practice, meditation, lectures, workshops, and connecting with your fellow yogis.

Learning about and working with your body your mind and your heart soul connection first to yourself and to every one and everything around you!

Sounds pretty groovy right?

Since we know that everybody has a different level of commitment and availability I wanted to make this as accessible to as many of you as possible. 

Here are the prices and amount of days you can register for. 

1/2 day $90

One day $160

Two days $300 

Three days $450

Four days $600 

Five days $750 

If you are interested or want to learn more about this awesome event please click the button below and reach out or call us (718)619-9959