Yoga Self-care Series


Yoga Self Care Series: Myofascial Release

 We have all experienced tight, aching, sore muscles. 

This four part workshop was designed to help you address these issues through the exploration of our myofascial system.

Each Sunday we will focus on a different Area of the body

We will be discussing what fascia is and how affecting the myofascial system can improve blood flow and vascular function, increase lympathic movement, and help you to improve mobility and flexibility while reducing soreness and pain.

Using a variety of therapy balls and other props, you will learn self-myofascial release techniques to target major muscle groups often affected through a regular yoga practice. 

These techniques can be easily replicated at home and incorporated into your daily life. 

We will be exploring from head to toe to help restore function and find new movements and ease in your asana practice.

Whether you’re already familiar with myofascial release work, have been wanting to try it, or are just curious what it’s all about, come join me for this workshop and learn more about this self-maintenance practice to complement your yoga practice! 

Only Eight people per class

early bird special first three to sign up for the full series $120 for Northstar members $130 for nonmembers

offer ends April 7

Drop in for one class

$30 for Northstar members

$40 for nonmembers