Student Spotlight

 Danielle Fibikar


 "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure."

"I can remember the first time I practiced yoga with Sean- I had to roll out of bed the next day...literally. I saw and felt on that day how little I was doing for my body. Little did I know at the time, for my mind too. It's been three years now that I have been practicing with Sean, and I continue to get stronger with every class I take, every chataranga I do, every pose I push myself to hold. Yoga has helped me to become better at grounding myself, in all different areas in my life. Its a practice that you carry with yourself at all times, through the good and the bad, on and off the mat. Thankyou, Sean, for sharing your love of yoga with us and for giving us a place to call home."

It's always a pleasure having Dani in class. She's pretty busy out there in the world! Dani is a scientist, a yogi, a teacher, an adventurer. She's an environmental educator for one of our Island’s most treasured cultural spaces, Snug Harbor, and teaches Biology at the College of Staten Island. She periodically travels to exotic locations to study bats and birds!

Dani is a fiercely passionate woman of science, simultaneously bold and silly as they come with an extremely warm heart. 

Thank you, Dani, for sharing yourself and your passions with the world and bringing your adventurous attitude the studio!


Peter Voss 



"Yoga has helped me with my PTSD

Sean is a great teacher, I love this place!"

Pete has been coming to morning classes since the new year. You've might have seen him in some of the local bars dancing to the music of a live band

Pete loves life it's easy to see that. 

What you might not know is that Pete is a Vietnam veteran 

Served as an artillery man In the army 

He was shipped over seas to fight the war

After injuring his foot from getting Hit by a  mortar round,  he spend his recovery time in different parts of Asia and Japan for being sent back to the states

After recovering back home Pete worked as a hydraulics mechanic and later  for government parks services 

Decades after his service Pete  eventually suffered a breakdown and was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and has tried treatments everything from therapy to  prescription drugs and electroshock treatment   

Pete has been an avid runner and biker for many years and takes care of himself with exercise  

He loves music particularly good live music  A drink and dance and he sometimes even barefoot

He's a free spirit and will always be young at heart and we are glad to have him here at the studio