"Courage is grace under pressure"



When was the last time you did something that scared you?

Its interesting to know what ever is on the other side of that fear is extremely liberating

Yet every time we come to that threshold our body responds a certain way

Our body is very efficient at maintaining homeostasis yet our bodies chemistry can keep us in a status quo that we may or may not want.

Neuroplasticity is the condition of your nervous system to adjust to different situations that you may find less than desirable and make them bearable

This phenomenon can work against us or in our favor.

In my opinion this Neuroplasticity is what causes us to stay with jobs relationships and lives that may no longer suit us

Good news is that we can use this Nero plasticity to break out of what we've made comfortable and acclimate to a more fulfilling lives.

It all starts with your mind

It all starts with your breath

Part of You're thinking mind is always identifying threats and opportunities

Your breath is not only the link between your mind and your body but the link between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

Your sympathetic nervous system is what triggers a response to certain stimulus "fight flight or freeze"

Your parasympathetic nervous system is what brings you back to center when the coast is clear

When triggered your sympathetic nervous system pumps all those fun chemicals that cause stress through your body

cortisol , adrenaline, epinephrine Norepinephrine causing immediate physical and psychological changes to your being making your body ready to take on any threat or opportunity

The funny thing about this is that your nervous system doesn't know whether the stimulus is someone cut you off in traffic or a tiger is chasing you.

This conditioned response had served us well when we were living in caves running around in the loincloths hunting and gathering

In the modern world it becomes a liability

When your body goes through this process on a daily basis it will cause distress which will lead to dis-ease

Did you know that your nervous system cant differentiate between good stress and bad stress?

It doesn't matter whether the situation is "he proposed to me!" or "He's going to kill me!" it doesn't matter whether the situation is good or bad it's all stress to the nervous system.

This is why breath control is essential

Deep breathing is what helps us operate from our parasympathetic nervous system again

Warriors and monks of all different cultures have known this at least at some intuitive level for centuries

Making their breathing practice the center of their training

Research shows us that the majority of people do not use their Full lung capacity

Leaving a bunch of energy unused

This is true for both aroused states and day-to-day moments

This is why your breath control is a great tool to take off of your mat and into your day

This is why I say that your yoga practice is primarily a breathing practice

Taking time out of your busy day to take deep full breaths will help you defy the statistics and reap big rewards.

When practiced daily your breath work will fully Oxygenate your blood ensuring that you have a full gas tank to work at optimal levels, detoxify your organs as well as calm center your mind.


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